Steering Committee September 2016 Draft Minutes

CNA Steering Committee Regular Meeting
14 September 2016
Fannie Mae Stewart Community Conservatory, 1902 E. 22nd St.

Meeting called to order at 6:40 PM

Members present
Leyla Cohlmia, Terry Dyke, Janine Gropp, Jules Kniolek, Ryan Ofsthun, Emily Schwartz

Members absent
Jim Reed, Cyrus Tashakkori, Erin Tassoulas, Wiccit

Reading of Agenda
Motion: To adopt agenda for 14 September 2016
Resolved: Agenda adopted as read

Approval of minutes
Motion: To approve minutes from 10 August 2016
Resolved: Minutes approved as read


Mr. Kniolek reported that the “Meet in the Street” about sidewalks on Lafayette Ave. will be on Wednesday, September 21 starting at 8:30 at the 32nd St. intersection. For the benefit of new members, he asked everyone to say a few words about their backgrounds. Mr. Dyke handed out a summary sheet on CNA Steering Committee Resources (attached) for members’ reference.

Mr. Dyke reported a balance of $ 5252.57, after payment of printing costs for the August 2016 Flea. Ms. Gropp volunteered to meet with Meaghan Bludau soon to receive materials and briefing on Flea ad sales. Mr. Kniolek reported he is in contact with Chelsea Moore of Ro Fitness, who may be interested in placing an ad. Mr. Dyke urged members to consider volunteering for position of Treasurer, as his term on the board will be up in November.

Music Festival committee
Mr. Ofsthun reported that the committee has all necessary City permitting and insurance certificates for the CherryWoodstock event on September 17, publicity is in place, equipment rented, and all that remains is to build the stage. A crew to do that will assemble at 9:00 AM Saturday at the Treehouse co-op on Hemlock Ave. He also said that Annette Moreno of the City PARD indicated that a subsequent such event would entail much less paperwork. Mr. Ofsthun said that he would not be available for a second annual CherryWoodstock, but the team is documenting the project so that it can easily be handed over to next year’s team.


CherryWoodstock funding completion
Mr. Ofsthun reported that insurance charges amount to $398.54, for which he needs to be reimbursed. He has already paid and been reimbursed $210.00 for City permit fees. Equipment rental fees are still outstanding, but expected to be under $100. The event was budgeted for $500, but there is another $200 in the “Special Events, Other” line item that may be applied.
Motion from Ms. Cohlmia to fund CherryWoodstock an additional amount, up to $200, from Special Events, Other.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Partial terms and re-election for SC members
Given that SC members are elected for two-year terms, and with several current members filling mid-term vacancies and annual elections coming at the November general meeting, there is a question about when a mid-term electee must stand for re-election (brief attached), as the bylaws are silent on this point.
Motion from Mr. Dyke that mid-term electees who wish to stand for re-election shall do so at the next November annual meeting after the November annual meeting that follows the general meeting at which they were first elected.
Resolved: Motion carried on consensus

Good of the order
Members discussed various aspects of the CNA and its work, including what sorts of activities can be said to be the purpose of the Association.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM

Minutes submitted by Terry Dyke, Secretary


  1. CNA Steering Committee Resources
  2. Partial Terms and Re-election for Steering Committee Members
[Note: See complete minutes with attachments]

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