The Cherrywood Plant and Book Swap Duo Close in on their 20th Event

Written by Jack Darby and Erika Albright (Reposted from the Winter Flea)

Flea ArchivesHow it all began
We hosted the first swap—just plants—in 2005. A year before, Elizabeth McMahon had a plant swap on Giles. Elizabeth passed away about a year later and Jack likes to think of the event as a tribute to her.

Watching it grow
At some point, we added books to the swap to widen the appeal. Erika collects and donates any leftover books. We also started inviting Travis County Master Gardeners to advise us on gardening matters (thanks to Sheryl Williams, plant clinic coordinator).

Music for plants and humans alike
Among the swap performers: Maplewood’s Ukulele Choir and Drum Group (Wilson Marks, music director); neighbors Kathy and Bill Jones; and Sam Hammerman.

Pro plants, pro books, pro business
In 2009, a generous donation from Libby Malone of Grande has kept us in plants. We’ve had Elixer Coffee and Y’all Scream Ice Cream on hand, as well as booths on urban chickens and Urban Patchwork Farms.

A shout-out to the regulars
Thanks Rachel, Ruthie, Dolly, Dave, liza, Corinne, Rick, lisa, Trudy, Kathy, Bill, Iumi, Ross, Sully, Ann, Girard, Mike, Kat, Wendy, David, Caroline, Sherri, James, martha, Kevin and anyone we missed. Plus Jane and Priscilla of CHULA.

The big 20: just around the corner
We are closing in on our 20th event, hopefully this fall, and we want to pull out all the stops. Please contact or if you want to play a role in this or any coming swap, like the one March 29 from 9 a.m. to noon at Cherrywood Green.

Ericka Albright and Jack Darby at the Fall 2013 Cherrywood Plant and Book Swap. Photo by J. Potter-Miller.

Erika Albright and Jack Darby at the Fall 2013 Cherrywood Plant and Book Swap. Photo by J. Potter-Miller. See more photos of recent swaps on CNA’s Flickr page.

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