Time to Sign up for the 18th Annual Cherrywood Tree Planting November 1st

Written by Mike Damal

Cherrywood tree plantingIn the past seventeen years, 544 trees have been planted during fall tree plantings in Cherrywood. We will continue the tradition on Saturday November 1st.

The cost per tree runs is $25, if you wish to have the tree planted the cost will be an additional $15 per tree. All proceeds will benefit Cherrywood Green, allowing us funds for maintenance and improvements at our neighborhood pocket park. We will have volunteers deliver and/or plant the trees, and have a large variety of trees.  Anyone interested in trees please email me at

Our large tree selection consists of Burr Oak, Red Oak, Cedar Elm and Chinquapin Oak. Our smaller tree selection (better for understory trees or under power lines) are Mexican Plum, Texas Mountain Laurel, Desert Willow (“bubba” variety) or Texas Redbuds. These trees have a four or five gallon root ball and range in height from 4-7 feet for the larger trees, and 3-5 feet for the smaller ones. We have neighborhood volunteers to plant the tree, and we have people experienced in the best places to plant them, so all you have to do is sign up! For the price of a dinner out you can help the environment and beautify Cherrywood. Due to a limited number of volunteers, I will try but cannot guarantee volunteers can plant in adjacent neighborhoods to Cherrywood. I will let you know if we cannot plant your trees–due to logistics and volunteers. However in the past I have been able to honor most all requests.

If you wish trees please email me with the following information:

1. Name

2. Address

3. Phone Number

4. What types of trees and how many you would like. If you would like some advise I would be happy to help. Information on types of trees is found on Austin’s Grow Green website. Also give first and second choices if your requested varieties are not available (or you can state you would like a certain variety or nothing at all if that variety is not available)

5. If you wish to have volunteers plant the tree, please tell me specifically where you would like the tree to be planted (It is best to say something like–I want the tree 15 feet directly in front of my front door, I will have a yellow bucket located where I want the tree to be planted). Please avoid locating large growing trees under power lines–smaller trees like Redbuds, Texas Mountain Laurels, or Crepe Myrtles are normally small enough to plant under power lines. You don’t have to tell me exactly where you want the tree planted when you order, you can figure that out and get back to me before the planting date.

6. If you wish to plant the trees yourself, state this and I will drop off the trees by your house.

7. You can pay me when we deliver the trees, or you can mail me a check or drop it by my house at 3011 Cherrywood. Please make checks out to me, Mike Damal. Please have the information to me no later than Friday Oct 17th.

Also if you are interested in volunteering to help plant the trees we will be planting them on a Saturday morning–this is not hard work and it normally is a lot of fun! We plan on starting at 10am on Saturday and are normally finished by noon. Please email or call me if you wish to volunteer!

Its been very rainy recently, but don’t forget to water newly planted trees (within the last two years), during our prolonged dry periods. Let a garden hose trickle at the base of the tree for a few hours–the surrounding soil should be “mushy”. Do this twice a month–a good deep watering will insure deep root growth, and will give newly planted trees a good start for some healthy growth in coming years.

I look forward to another successful tree planting year! Remember that Cherrywood has lost a lot of trees due to the drought and development, and this is a perfect time to help replace some of the tree canopy that was lost. Lets do our part to combat global warming and help beautiful Cherrywood with this event, please volunteer to plant and/or order a tree for yourself or a neighbor!

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