Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan Priorities

Written by Ryan Ofsthun

In the upcoming Cherrywood Neighborhood Association General Assembly meeting (Wednesday, August 19, 6:30 PM), an important issue about current neighborhood projects needs to be concluded. Here’s the situation:

Back in 2002, the Upper Boggy Creek neighborhoods created a plan for our six neighborhoods – Cherrywood, Blacklands, Wilshire Wood/Delwood I, Delwood II, Rogers-Washington-Holy Cross, and Schieffer Willowbrook (See attachment for full written plan). This became an ordinance of the City of Austin, which has slowly been working through the long list of neighborhood projects, such as sidewalk construction, bike lanes, crosswalks, etc., over the past 13 years.

There are still many of these projects that have not yet been started and/or completed. The projects are in 2 categories: 1) Capital Improvement Projects (CIP), which are new projects to be built/installed; and 2) Non-Capital Improvement Projects (non-CIP), which are existing sidewalks, crosswalks,etc. that the city is already financing and needs to provide maintenance for.

This is where our job lies. We have been asked by city staff to reprioritize the projects for our Cherrywood neighborhood. These are pre-existing project proposals and it is our job to sift through them and create two updated Top Five lists of the projects (CIP and non-CIP) we’d most like to see completed throughout our streets.

The plan is 13 years old. Many of the projects have been completed and many have become unnecessary because of the changes that the neighborhood has gone through since the plan’s inception. Still, there are many projects that would very much benefit all of us, so we need your feedback on which you feel are most important.

The CNA steering committee has already reviewed the list of projects. We have compiled all Cherrywood related projects into a single spreadsheet (See attached). We have also worked to formulate suggested Top Five lists (See attached report). We based our suggestions on many considerations. One is the discussions that took place during the Imagine Cherrywood Meeting a few months back. We also maintained loyalty to the Cherrywood sidewalk plan (attached), that was created back in 2010. We also reviewed the neighborhood as it stands currently to see which projects lost their necessity over the past 13 years, which projects were already completed and which projects weren’t plausible in the way they were written in the 2002 plan. Our continuing pledge is to keep our streets safe and that’s what we aimed for in suggesting these projects.

It’s important to note that this prioritization of projects is of only those put forth in the 2002 ordinance. There are many more things that we would like to see done in Cherrywood, but for this exercise we are not allowed to add or delete from the plan. New items and deletions in the plan need to be made through a plan amendment, which is a separate process and will be addressed by the UBC planning team as a separate project. Our current issue is getting these projects that have already been proposed completed.

At our August General Meeting, we will be putting the neighborhood’s Top Five lists to a vote. Once we have affirmed, by vote, our agreed upon lists of priorities, we will pass them on to the Upper Boggy Creek Contact Team (UBC), who will then take the prioritized lists from each of the six neighborhoods and whittle those down to an all encompassing Top Ten List of Priorities for the Upper Boggy Creek community as a whole. That list is what the City of Austin has asked us to compile and is what they will then begin working into their internal planning to accomplish.

The UBC needs to have our list of priorities by their meeting on August 24th, which means that our lists of priorities must be affirmed by the end of our August General Meeting.

This is the information. These are the projects we have to chose from. Please take some time to read through them and share your comments/questions/suggestions with us (comments can be entered at the end of this blog post). We want feedback from everybody! The final Top Five lists that will be proposed to the neighborhood at the General Meeting will be compiled at our next Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday, August 12, taking all feedback into consideration.

We hope that all who care to share feedback will also come to this meeting. It is always open to everybody, and we love having more faces from the ‘hood.

Thank you, and let’s continue to build our neighborhood into the wonderful place we all know it is!


Cherrywood UBC Priorities Report:cherrywood.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/CherrywoodUBCPrioritiesInterimReport-2015-07-20.pdf

UBC Priorities Tracking Sheet: cherrywood.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/UpperBoggyCreek-Tracking-20150414.xls


UBC website: http://cherrywood.org/about/upper-boggy-creek/

UBC Plan 2002: ftp://ftp.ci.austin.tx.us/npzd/Austingo/upper-bcreek-np.pdf

Cherrywood Sidewalk Master Plan: http://cherrywood.org/resources/cna-policy-documents/cherrywood-sidewalk-master-plan/

Austin 311: https://www.austintexas.gov/department/311

Ryan Ofsthun is a member of the CNA Steering Committee and the UBC Delegation Committee



3 Responses to Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan Priorities

  • heidi says:

    We have a hard time attending meetings due to kids bedtime routines. Can meetings be moved earlier or to the weekend? I think more neighbors would be able to attend if it was on a non-work day.

  • Eric Hartzell, 3306 Cherrywood says:

    I think the list is well-thought-out and appreciate the City’s advice as well, good job.

  • RyanO says:

    *Point of Information:

    The Schieffer Willowbrook neighborhood was included in the original 2002 Upper Boggy Creek (UBC) Plan as part of the Cherrywood neighborhood. Today, Schieffer Willowbrook is viewed by the UBC Community as a distinct neighborhood and considered as such in this prioritization process.

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