Wild Turkey Alert

Written by Jim Reed

The date of the attempted auto burglary was on Thursday, March 26, around 4 p.m. I was sitting on my front porch, enjoying a nice ice tea, where I heard a strange scratching noise in the driveway where my classic 1972 Datsun 240Z was parked. Curious, I got up and peeked around the corner.

There to my amazement was a hen wild turkey, using her beak to pick the door lock of the 240Z. At first I could not believe my eyes. I thought maybe there was a pecan resting on the edge of the door, but as I looked closer, indeed, she was using her beak to pick the lock.

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Photo credit: Jim Reed

At this point, I can’t really say what happened. I was overcome with emotion, a sense of protecting what is mine, things got fuzzy. I believe I yelled something like, “You TURKEY, get away from my Z car!” I might have had an explicative or two, but that is not important.

Well then, the turkey acted like nothing was wrong, started pretending to be looking on the ground for food, as it walked away from the car and sauntered to my backyard. Once it rounded the corner of the house, she booked it fast. She was over the fence and running north on Werner Ave when I called the cops.

So, keep an eye out. It appears there is no one you can trust these days.

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